Meet Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield

Meet Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield


Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield, the winner of the Davey O’Brien Quarterback of the Week award during week three, took time to speak with the Davey O’Brien Foundation on Tuesday evening. Find out more about Mayfield, who leads the nation in points responsible for (86) and ranks second in passing touchdowns (10) and total offense (400.3) in his first year at OU. Here he talks about winning the award, playing quarterback at Oklahoma and what motivates him.


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Q: What does winning an award attached to the name Davey O’Brien mean to you?

A: “It’s special to me. Growing up as a kid you always watch the award shows. You always dream of being on stage or winning an award or having your named called out. To win this award this early on in the season is pretty special.”


Q: There have been two recent winners of the Davey O’Brien National Quarterback Award (Jason White and Sam Bradford). What is it like to play quarterback at Oklahoma?

A: “Obviously there’s a lot of tradition here at Oklahoma. I’m just trying to be myself and play the best that I can. I know what’s expected around here. When I can play the way it’s expected, that’s always good for me.”


Q: What have the last month been like for you?

A: “It’s been a pretty crazy past month here, all for the better though. Obviously, I got named the starter in late August and jumped in the fire from there. I can’t believe it’s already been three and a half weeks. I’m just trying to take it one week at a time and go from there.”


Q: Your offense is averaging over 40 points per game this season. What is really clicking for the Sooners?

A: “We’ve been working ever since the spring on the new offense we have. I have so many weapons. They make my job so easy. I’m comfortable back there. Our offensive line for the most part is pretty young. It’s good to see that we’re able to put a bunch of numbers up on the board and move the ball with young guys that don’t have too much experience.”


Q: What was it like to sit out last season after transferring?

A: “It was definitely a different experience for me. I had played at Texas Tech and then my redshirt year came after I had played, so it was a different experience being on the sideline and seeing how a game can be affected one play at a time and see how the ups and downs of a season can go. I really used it to my advantage during practice on scout team going up against the defense every day.”


Q: You were very small as a freshman in high school (5-foot-2). Did you use that as motivation to get where you are now?

A: “I definitely use that and always have. With the size comes people doubting me and telling me that I couldn’t do it and not even taking a chance on me. And that’s just added fuel to my fire. I’ve always used that and it keeps you going. When I transferred, people said I wouldn’t play here and now I am. I’m just taking it one step at a time, trying to get better.”


Q: Your dance moves have been showcased all over the internet. If you won the Davey O’Brien National Quarterback Award after the season, would you pull off a new dance?

A: “(Laughs.) No, I don’t think I would do that.”

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